You Might Fall Head Over Heels For These Tiny Crochet Chameleons

You Might Fall Head Over Heels For These Tiny Crochet Chameleons


re you a fan of small decorations? If yes, then your place is probably full of everything so minimal that people don’t even notice. When it comes to knitting and crochet, ‘the tinier the better’ goes without saying. There is something about minute handmade decorations that makes people fall in love with them. If you are an aficionado of this craft, you might also fall in love with the work of Etsy shop owner, Viktoria Melnikova whose collection of chameleons was brought to you by Diply.

Melnikova, who is from Russia, captures the hearts of DIYers around the world with her incredible works of art. Here are some of the cutest, most vibrant finger-sized reptiles that you have ever seen. But don’t worry, they don’t bite! They are so bright and colorful, they will instantly boost your mood.

On top of her small chameleons, Melnikova also crochets bitty-sized bugs, cacti, flowers, and teddy bears. All of them are more than adorable. It would be hard to choose a favorite, indeed.

However, what you may find is most impressive about her work is that she doesn’t follow a pattern! Call it insane, but Melnikova simply draws out a basic sketch of what she wants to create and then starts freehand crocheting – an approach that requires talent and dedication in spades!

Below are just a handful of examples demonstrating this young artist’s skills.

To see more of Melnikova’s work or to purchase one of her pieces, check out her Instagram and Etsy pages.

1. It doesn’t get more colorful than this


Source: Instagram | @owl_victorika

2. The chameleon can match your manicure as well


Source: Instagram | @owl_victorika

3. Magic in your hands


Source: Instagram | @owl_victorika

4. It grows on you immediately


Source: Instagram | @owl_victorika

Have you fallen head-over-heels in love with these crochet chameleons like I have? Let us know what your favorites are!

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