Jealousy Fuel: This Girl Visited The Filming Locations From ‘Lord Of The Rings’

Jealousy Fuel: This Girl Visited The Filming Locations From ‘Lord Of The Rings’

Lord Of The Rings

ou don’t see this every day – someone actually taking my dream and turning it into reality! MY DREAM, I repeat. Anything even mildly associated with The Lord of the Rings is MINE. And only mine! It’s my preciousssss! (Hiss!)

Alright, whew. That was intense.

I am slowly coming down to my senses. But I still feel a burning jealousy at this girl! Can you believe she traveled all the way to New Zealand, found the filming locations from The Lord of The Rings AND reenacted them?

Well, believe it or not, she’s from Massachusets U.S.A., her name is Bry Voydatch and she has the photographs to prove it! And I am internally yelling at how awesome this is, and how I wish that could be me! Also, her hair awesomely resembles chocolate and vanilla ice cream! Yes, I want to be a girl now, and I don’t care! Anything for my precious! Ssss!

Courtesy of BoredPanda, here are the best photographs of Bry’s very own The Lord of The Rings photo album. (SIGH!)

Captions courtesy of Ms. Voydatch, brave explorer and Middle-Earther by birth.

1. “On Our Way To Mordor On Mt. Ruapehu”


2. “Leaving The Shire In Hobbit’s Hideaway, Wellington”


3. “Hiding From The Nazgul In Hobbit’s Hideaway In Wellington”


4. “Traveling The Valley Of Harrowdale Towards The Paths Of The Dead At The Putangirua Pinnacles In Aorangi Forest”


5. “Some Casual Reading In Hobbit’s Hideaway, Wellington”


6. “Isengard, In Glenorchy”

Lord Of The Rings6

Source: boredpanda

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