Tartar, Gingivitis And Stained Teeth Begone! It Only Takes One Little Homemade Recipe

Tartar, Gingivitis And Stained Teeth Begone! It Only Takes One Little Homemade Recipe


ou do realize that dental hygiene is one of the most important parts of your every day life, right? No, it’s not aesthetics only. It’s pure common sense that oral health means overall health, but of course, we’re not forgetting how important it is to look in the mirror and say, “OMG, are those white, pearly things my teeth? Is that blinding thing my smile?!”

You know, because that’s what people who have white teeth usually say in front of the mirror. Of course they do.



At least someone you know, if not you, is guilty of poor dental hygiene, inadequate brushing and irregular visits to the dentist. Not nice, because these things allow for bacteria to accumulate in the oral cavity, which then causes plaque, tartar, bad breath, gingivitis, stained and yellow teeth… Do you need more reasons to pay attention now?

There is however a solution that can be prepared in the comfort of your own home that will make you turn into that questionable person enjoying themselves in the mirror. And it goes something like this:



½ a cup of hydrogen peroxide
1 tablespoon of baking soda
½ a teaspoon of salt
Antiseptic mouthwash
You will also need:

A toothbrush
Dental floss
½ a cup of warm water
½ a cup of cold water

And here’s what you need to do:

Mix the baking soda and salt, then soak the toothbrush in some warm water. Take some of the mixture and start brushing your teeth gently, for 5 minutes. It’s really important to spend these 5 minutes here, you guys.

And spit, then rinse. Next comes cleaning the plaque with dentals floss, spit and rinse again with cold water and do a final rinse with antiseptic mouthwash.

Do this every night and thank us later.

Well, actually, thank Homemade Recipe To Eliminate Tartar, Gingivitis and Whiten Your Teeth on Healthy Life Box later.

Because we and our white pearly smiles are grateful forever for this!

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