Learn Chinese If You Don’t Want To Lose Your Eyebrows, Like This Girl Did

Learn Chinese If You Don’t Want To Lose Your Eyebrows, Like This Girl Did


h, ladies, what wouldn’t we do for beauty? We would try anything that promises to make us look better and we are constantly on the lookout for new ways and methods that will send us further down the road to perfection. And we are extremely brave in this endeavor of ours! The instructions on a product that you’ve never used before are in Chinese? Who cares! Give it a shot, what do you have to lose? Well, your eyebrows for one, but that’s a lesson to be learned the hard way.

Meet Poppy Gasson. Like many others who are in an eternal pursuit of flawless eyebrows, Poppy ordered an “eyebrow tattoo liquid stainer” online. Like we mentioned earlier, she had no clue what the instructions were saying as she doesn’t speak Chinese, but she gave it the old college try anyway. Poppy applied the product and waited for it to take effect. And waited. And waited. Then she waited some more, not realizing that already too much time had passed since she was already supposed to wipe the stuff off her brow.

When she finally did remove the “stainer”, she removed her eyebrows along with it. Oops… Her stunned reaction made her something of a viral sensation: after a few moments of speechlessness, Poppy uses colorful language to ask herself (and the universe) what the *bleep* had just happened, exclaiming: “Where the f***’s my eyebrow?”

Is it time to wipe this off yet? Hmm… I think I’ll wait a few more minutes…


Okay, it’s now or never! Can’t wait to see how amazing I look!


Something’s not right here…


*This caption was censored due to excessive use of expletives*


The fourth stage of grief: depression


And finally, acceptance!


After she lost her eyebrows, Poppy went online to read up on the customers’ reviews of the product, but alas, it was too little too late. She found out that she should’ve left the “stainer” work its magic for five minutes only, not for half an hour!

“The box was all in Chinese and I couldn’t read it, so I genuinely thought to leave it on for 30 minutes,” Poppy said. “Boy, was I so wrong — now I’m paying the price for it. I wish I read it before. I look like a space raider.”

And let this be a lesson to all of you, pursuers of beauty out there! Reading the instructions is very important! And perhaps it’s not a bad idea to invest in Chinese lessons as well…

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