Better Than The Original! Hilarious Comedian Recreates Celeb Photos

Better Than The Original! Hilarious Comedian Recreates Celeb Photos


t’s not easy being a celebrity. Yes, you’re rich and famous, and there are thousands, if not millions, of people around the world who love you, admire you, and aspire to be like you. This, of course, means that any selfie you take and upload to your social media will be seen by virtually the whole world, which is why you feel added pressure to make sure you look incredibly good every time you pose for a photo. And taking the perfect pic is not as easy as you might think, as this YouTuber discovered trying to replicate a few of Kylie Jenner’s most iconic Instagrams.

But no matter how hard these celebs work to get a selfie that will garner millions upon millions of likes, taking care of every little detail from the hair and makeup to the clothes they wear, from the pose to the lighting, there is still one little thing that seems to always be missing. Humor! This gaping hole has been spotted by eagle-eyed Australian Celeste Barber who took it upon herself to recreate some celebrity photos and share them with her 3.3 million Instagram followers, but not before adding a humorous twist.

Source: Scoop

If you thought it was impossible to be original while copying someone, it’s because you have never seen Celeste’s hilarious masterpieces. Luckily, we are going to remedy that situation by showing you some of the comedian’s best work, courtesy of ViralThread.

1. Bella Hadid is obviously a superhuman for being able to look straight into the light without flinching


2. Looking casual and in love while falling is harder than expected


3. So… size matters and a bigger Christmas tree makes one happier?


4. It is a well-known fact that models don’t eat – that’s another thing that separates them from the rest of us mere mortals


5. Because lugging just the furniture around wasn’t difficult enough


6. What are you doing? – Nothing, just casually hanging on this wall here and doing the splits. As you do.


7. Is this close enough?


8. Aaaa! That’s a bit too much wind! Heeelp!


9. That’s where unrealistic expectations come from, but Celeste knows how to defeat them!


10. You can’t play in the mud without giving yourself a mustache!


11. If you must send a message via your drinking glass, make it count


12. Beyoncé and Jay Z ain’t got nothing on Celeste and her hubby


13. Who doesn’t love a good BBQ!


14. Keeping it real


15. When you just can’t miss an opportunity to show off your ass-ets…


16. Yeah, maybe falling down the stairs wasn’t that great of an idea for a sexy snap


17. Climbing a tree naked is totally the done thing. Totally.


18. Quickly, quickly, take the picture before the train decides to move!


19. Champagne shower! So much fun!


20. When you’re having a drink in your kitchen in nothing but your underwear, at least make sure you’re drinking something stronger than a Coke


21. There might be something of a theme developing here…


22. Sucking your thumb is so sexy! Not!


23. Pretty in pink! Who wore it better?


24. Pringles are way better than apples!


Making fun of celebs’ ridiculous poses is so much… well, fun! Fancy giving it a go?

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