The Troyes-based designers have partnered with the International Union for Conservation of Nature to release a range of limited edition polo shirts featuring small logos of endangered animals, including the northern sportive lemur and the Cao-vit gibbon.

No more shirts produced than the number of animals of a certain species left

Fittingly, the number of tops produced corresponds to the population of the species featured on the logo estimated to remain in the wild.

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Lacoste replaces its Iconic Crocodile logo with Endangered species for a special Capsule and is only making the number of POLOs in correspondence to how many of the particular animal is left in the Wild

The three-year partnership between Lacoste and the International Union for Conservation of Nature includes sales from the shirts which cost $183 going to the organization and their efforts to protect threatened species.

In total, 1,775 shirts were produced, including 450 Anegada ground iguana, 350 Sumatran tiger, 250 saola, 231 California condor, 157 kakapo parrots, 150 Cao-vit gibbon, 67 Javan rhino, 50 northern sportive lemur, 40 Burmese roofed turtle, and 30 vaquita.


A Save Our Species press release about the collection, which was launched during Paris Fashion Week and has already been sold out, reads:

“The crocodile. This is how the French tennis champion Rene Lacoste was nicknamed in 1927 for his tenacity on the court. Today, the Lacoste logo still symbolises the will and commitment the brand invests into each action it undertakes. Taking the capsule collection from concept to launch has been achieved in half the time it usually requires for such a project and testifies to the dynamism which businesses like Lacoste can bring to the global extinction threat: a universal challenge which many agree is of utmost urgency to environmental sustainability.”

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