Various Ways To Enlarge Your Booty And Be More

Various Ways To Enlarge Your Booty And Be More

Having a flatter and smaller bum is not that endearing and one looks for ways to give it that much healthier looking wholesome shape. There are different ways to achieve that discussed in detail below.

7: Focus on the way you walk

First of all focus on the way you walk. Sometimes the way a person carries themselves makes the butt obscure. It is recommended to have an upright stance while walking, throw your shoulders a bit back and have your back slightly arched towards your abdomen. Imagine a line and place each step on that imaginary line to make your walk more feminine. While taking a step move your foot towards the center of your body like placing it on that imaginary line in front of you. Ask a friend to help you out with your practice and you will soon incorporate the style on your daily basis.

6: Leave the couch and work on your body

A butt is also a group of muscles known as glutes and naturally exercising them consistently will enable you to get a bigger rounder butt. Following are some of the exercises you could do in order to get a more defined and well-shaped butt.

Squats: Stand straight with your feet almost shoulder-width apart and arms sticking to the front for balance. Now slowly bend at your knees and bring yourself lower while keeping all the pressure on your heels. It will help if you stick your bum out a little. The knees should make a ninety-degree angle and make sure they do not bend too much that they exceed the toes. Then return to the starting position. Repeat 20 sets with three repetitions taking rest of two minutes in between.

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Lunges: Stand straight then taking a step forward bend your leg forward while supporting it with bending back leg. Both the legs should be 90 degrees to each other. Then return to the starting position and switch to the other foot stepping forward. Repeat 20 times doing three sets with 2 minutes of rest in between.

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Butt bridges: Lie on your back with legs together bent at the knees and arms at your side. Now lift your butt as though you are trying to touch the ceiling. This will tighten the muscles in your butt area. Do 10 repetitions with a total of three sets.

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5: Opting for sports that work your glutes

There are several cardio exercises which one could perform that will also develop glutes and help give the butt more definition. For example, you could opt for cycling, running, swim, soccer, skiing and field hockey where you will not only enjoy the sports but simultaneously develop your glutes.

4: Working on your Core muscles

By working on your core muscles you will make your tummy better defined and toned down compared to your butt which will make it stand out more prominently. There are several different exercises like crunches or leg lifts you could do to condition your core and make it slimmer against your butt.

3: Take weight into account

Some people have a tendency to start getting fat from their butt. If you are in that category there is no harm to have a few pounds on and filling in that area. However, others have a tendency to gain weight and have fats deposited on their stomach and arms first. If you are in the second category you stand a better chance to lose some weight as your stomach will become smaller than your butt making it more prominent.

2: Clothing according to your body type

If you have a slim waistline you should opt for tight-fitting pants that hug your waist like skinny jeans available on the market. If you have a larger waistline opt for pants with high waist and wear it on the slimmest part of your waist making the butt look bigger than the waist. In addition to this also opt for pockets which are smaller in size and placed a bit high as they will make your butt look bigger. If there are some designs on it adds more ‘traffic’ towards your rear which is after all the purpose altogether. Avoid bigger pockets or no pocket pants.

1: Footwear

Wearing heels also make your rear to stick out a little and become prominent. However, the usage must not be more than two to three hours at a stretch. If you are unsure about any difference it may cause you can always stand on your toes and walk around in front of a mirror to get an

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